Fashion on a Budget: Grey Dresses

Dorothy perkins Grey Dresses

Grey. It’s everywhere right now, and if you’re not careful, it can be hella boring. We think grey is best when it comes in small packages: don’t go head to toe, just pick one statement piece and wear it well. This lurex dress isn’t so much grey as silver, but let’s not quibble. It’s only £25 from Dorothy Perkins, and it would look great over skinny jeans for a more dressed-down look. Don’t go rushing off to look for it on the website, though, because, well, it ain’t there. We’re reliably informed that it is part of the Autum/Winter collection, though, so keep your eyes peeled…

More grey dresses behind the cut…


ASDA Grey Dresses

I actually seen the grey dress on the left of this picture a few weeks ago, and was this close to buying it before my new found love of all things yellow forced me to spend my money on a mustard jacket instead. Not that you need a lot of money to burn, here: would you be surprised if I told you this was from George at ASDA? And that it costs just £18? This picture doesn’t really do it justice, either: the grey material is shot through with a sparkly silver thread which stops it being just dull old grey, and turns it into fabulous, sparkly silver instead.

Dorothy perkins Grey Dresses

Another Dorothy Perkins pick. You won’t find this one on the website either, but I’m including it because it’s so pretty. I love the shape of this one: it’s so wearable and versatile. Don’t be, umm, “tempted” by the fetching grey knee socks, though. You don’t want to end up looking like Kirsten Dunst now, do you? This is the most expensive of our grey dresses, at £40, but worth every penny, I’m sure. You’ll still be wearing it to work years from now, too.

Matalan Grey Dresses

And finally to Matalan, and their £14 sweater dress. Matalan are much maligned in the fashion world, and sometimes for good reason, but when it comes to “use once and destroy” fashion, they occasionally come up trumps. If you’ve been wondering whether a sweater dress is really for you, this one is cheap enough to let you find out without spending a fortune.

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    Hi. You don’t by any chance know, or have an idea about what the Dorothy Perkins dress (the third one down) is made of do you?

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