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      flats shoes are not a crime of fashion

      Cannes Film Festival plays Fashion Police, bans flats from the red carpet

      [Shoes: Net-a-Porter] So, according to reports, some women have been turned away from a screening of Cate Blanchett’s new movie, ‘Carol’m at the Cannes Film Festival, for having the temerity to turn up wearing flat shoes  – and not the kind of flat shoes you might wear to walk the dog, or do the gardening in either: no, we’re talking about the kind of pretty, sparkly flats that wouldn’t be out of place on… well, on the red carpet, actually. Although festival organisers have strenuously denied allegations that heel height is a factor in deciding who should be allowed entry to events, rumours persist, with some attendees tweeting to confirm that people have, indeed, been turned away because of their…


      Sizeable shows you what clothes look like on different shapes

      When we wrote about Fever London’s ‘Perfect Fit’ campaign, in which they used models in a range of sizes to showcase their clothes, we said that while it was a great idea, it was unlikely it would catch on, due to the logistics of retailers having to photograph each item they sell on multiple models. Well, today we’re having to eat those words, because new website Sizeable has done just that. This Australian brand (Don’t worry, they ship to the UK) uses six different models, of varying heights and shapes: all you have to do is pick the woman whose closest to your own shape, and see her wear the company’s clothes. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible for them…


      La Perla’s mannequins have an unacceptable amount of ribs

      Fashion’s obsession with mannequins and the size of their plastic bodies continues this week, with the revelation that a mannequin in the brand’s Soho store has been found to have an unacceptable amount of ribs on show. Posting an image of the offending mannequin to his Twitter account, Michael Rudroy tweeted: “How does #LaPerla think ribs on a mannequin is OK?!” Well, apparently they DON’T. Following the Twitter storm that ensued, La Perla issued the following statement: “The mannequin photographed has been removed from the store and will not be used again by any La Perla boutique. We are in the process of redesigning all La Perla stores with a new concept image and the mannequins that are currently displayed…


      Would you wear… Peacocks’ £1.99 lace dress?

      Last week, UK fashion chain Peacocks rather cleverly managed to drum up some publicity for themselves by selling a dress for the bargain price of just £1.99 – about $3.30, for those of you in the U.S. The dress is shown above: it was a little lace number, available in mint or lilac, and, predictably enough, it sold out so quickly it managed to crash the brand’s website. Not to worry, though: Peacocks have announced plans to repeat the experiment in the future, with other low-priced dresses to come. Our question is: what do you think of them? For those of you worried about the ethics of buying clothes which are cheaper than your morning cappuccino, you can relax a…


      Kate Moss for Topshop returns: here’s what the collection looks like

      It’s been four years since the last Kate Moss for Topshop collection, but if you thought Kate (Who, lest we forget, turned 40 this year) had hung up her fashion designer hat for good, you have another think coming: the model’s latest collection for Topshop launches on May 1st, and images from the lookbook are already starting to circulate. So, what do we make of the new collection? Well, like the previous efforts, it’s definitely very “Kate”, with some pieces (Such as the yellow chiffon dress) being “inspired” by Moss’s own wardrobe. Yellow dress aside, there’s a definite boho/hippie chick vibe, with lots of paisley print, kaftans and tunic top. There’s also a fair bit of fringing, as the images…


      Old Navy Denies Photoshopping Thigh Gaps Onto Plus Size Jeans

      Today the style-savvy section of the internet is in uproar over claims that Old Navy have been Photoshopping thigh gaps onto images of their plus-sized Rockstar jeans: the rotters! The image above image comes from the Old Navy website, and there’s no denying the presence of the dreaded thigh-gap. Is it Photoshop, though? Old Navy say nope, just manual pinning of the clothes, to make them fit the mannequin: “At Old Navy we strive to show our customers the most accurate representation of how product fits the body. This includes pinning garments on body forms to show how they will actually appear. While we do remove these pins in post-production, we do not use any photo-altering techniques to deliberately distort…


      Do larger mannequins make you feel better about your figure?

      Debenhams old-style mannequins, sized 8 – 10 Last week, Debenhams introduced size 16 mannequins (For reference, a UK size 16 is roughly equivalent to a US 12) into its stores, saying that size 16 is the “average” size of women in the UK, and the new mannequins are therefore more representative of its customers. Previously, clothes were displayed on models sized 8-10, which, says Debenhams, is unhelpful to shoppers in the store. “The average British woman is a size 16, but the high street has been showing them clothing on a mannequin that is three sizes smaller – until now,” said Debenhams director Ed Watson. “Having worked on this project for three years, we hope that it will help people…


      J Crew will be 60% more expensive in the UK

      J Crew opens its first ever UK store in London today, but if you’re hoping to pick up some bargains, you’re probably going to be disappointed, because: a) It’s J Crew, not Primark and b) The brand has confirmed that UK shoppers will be paying around 60% more than their US counterpart, once currency differences are taken into account. Explaining the UK mark-up, a J Crew spokesman said: J Crew is committed to bringing its customers the best possible quality and design of product at the best possible price. We have to take into consideration various taxes, duties, and operational charges that vary from country to country. It is an inescapable fact that these costs in the UK are significantly…


      Marks & Spencer admit to deliberately limiting stock levels

      Marks & Spencer pink coat Remember THAT Marks & Spencer pink coat? The one we showed you as part of our Autumn/Winter 2013 preview, and which has been described by some as one of the big style hits of the season? Remember how that coat was absolutely impossible to get hold of, selling out the second it hit the M&S website? There is a reason for that, and it’s not JUST that it was a great coat: no, the reason you couldn’t buy that coat for love nor money was also due to the fact that Marks & Spencer deliberately limited availability of it, and other items in their recent lineup, in order to promote exclusivity of the brand. Admitting…

      Primark online shopping

      Primark online shopping now available at ASOS

      Whether you love Primark for the easy access it provides to cheap, fast fashion, or hate it for the very same reasons (The chain’s connection to the Bangladesh factory which collapsed earlier this year has led many shoppers to boycott the brand), as it’s the last of the major high street chains to develop an online presence, we thought it was worth noting the fact that you can now buy a selection of Primark clothing at Primark fans have long bemoaned the lack of an online store to shop from. Until this week, if you wanted to browse the  brand’s wears, your only option was to travel to the nearest store (Difficult if you don’t live in/near the major…

      H&M Conscious Collection

      GALLERY: H&M Conscious Collection Partywear

      Instead of our usual Dress of the Day column, today we thought we’d bring you a whole lot of dresses of the day. Plus some trousers, shoes, bags and accessories of the day, too. These are all part of the new H&M Conscious Collection, and we have to say, we’re pretty darn impressed. Sure, there are a few pieces of coal amongst the diamonds, but we think the good stuff more than makes up for the bad, and for the first time in a long time, we’re really excited about a new high street collection. Imagine that! As you probably know, the H&M Conscious Collection is H&M’s attempt to rid themselves of their “fast fashion” image (to some extent, anyway),…

      Rihanna for River Island campaign

      Rihanna for River Island: the verdict

      After what feels like the longest build-up in fashion history (well, this year at least…) the Rihanna for River Island collection finally arrived online this morning. We take a look at some of the pieces and ask what you think of them: will you be shopping the Rihanna for River Island collection, or do you think Rih’s gone out of her way to create some crimes of fashion? Let’s take a look… We should probably begin this post by saying that not being part of the demographic that could reasonably be expected to want to dress like Rihanna (and to have the lifestyle to make that possible: i.e. most of this stuff wouldn’t go down well at the office, but…

      Isla Fisher as Becky Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic

      Can you have too many clothes?

      As Vivienne Westwood criticises Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, for having “too many clothes”, The Fashion Police ask: IS there such a thing? Can you have too many clothes, or is it a case of “the more, the merrier”? Becky Bloomwood doesn’t think you can have too many clothes… unless Hugh Dancy says so.  Can you have too many clothes? Vivienne Westwood’s at it again. Last year she criticised Kate Middleton’s eyeliner; this year she says the Duchess of Cambridge has too many clothes, and should wear the same thing over and over in order to help the environment. Guess it must be Fashion Week again, then! “I don’t have any advice to her,” said Westwood, before going on to…

      Emerald: the colour of 2013

      Emerald is the colour of 2013, says Panetone

      Reiss dress, £200 / Reiss mini tank, £31 / Reiss , £265 / Alexander McQueen peep toe heels / Jil Sander , £1,085 / Blue Nile emerald diamond ring, £10,875 / Emerald diamond earrings, £16 / Hair bow accessory, £1.71 / Bond No. 9 Now, we’re not suggesting you should try to wear all of these items at the same time (Er, we probably would, but that’s just us…) but you should probably get used to seeing this colour, because Panetone (a.k.a. “The Powers That Be”) have declared emerald to be the colour of 2013. They were right about tangerine being the colour of 2012, so you might as well trust them, which means we can expect to see a…

      H&M Announces Global Recycling Program for February 2013

      H&M want your old clothes

      H&M has come under fire in the past for its fast-fashion approach to “disposable” clothing, but starting next year, the chain is hoping to counter some of those accusations with a new scheme designed to lower the environmental impact of its garments. From February 2013, shoppers at selected stores will be able to exchange their old clothes for H&M discounts, in a garment collecting scheme being run in partnership with  with recycling company I:Collect. Under the new scheme, the clothing collected will be taken to a sorting facility for recycling, while the person who donated it gets to enjoy discounted shopping at H&M. The chain says it will accept any brand of clothing, in any condition, so you don’t have to…

      Maison Martin Margiela for H&M:

      Maison Martin Margiela for H&M: what do you think?

      As we’re sure most of you are aware, this week saw the launch of Maison Martin Margiela’s capsule collection for H&M. Now, this was an interesting one for us, not just because Margiela is one of our all-time favourite fashion criminals (in fact, if Margiela himself was still designing for the brand, he’d be like The Godfather of the fashion crime ring which currently has a stranglehold on style), but because the very avant-garde style of this brand is so very different from the kind of thing the H&M demographic is used to. Despite being a fashionista favourite, beloved of the type of people who care deeply about being “edgy”, Margiela doesn’t have the mainstream popularity of some of the…

      Dorothy Perkins Kardashian Kollection

      Dorothy Perkins releases Kardashian Kollection

      Here in the UK, we get to be relatively shielded from the Kardashians and their obsession with the letter K. Not any more, though. This week, Dorothy Perkins released a new collection – sorry, “kollection” – in conjunction with the sisters K, and yes, they are spelling “collection” like that. We know. Despite the name, it’s actually the letter ‘S’ that comes to mind here: many of the pieces are sexy, shiny and short, and there’s also a lot of animal print, and a liberal use of the word “body con” in the product descriptions. So no surprises there, then. There are, however, a few surprises to be found here, the main one being the fact that, somewhat unusually for a celebrity…


      ‘Women should be slim for their men but not Size Zero’ says a founder of London Fashion Week

      The Chief of Police writes… Yesterday morning, I received a press release which I’m still not totally convinced wasn’t supposed to be a joke – or deliberately controversial at the very least. “Women should be slim for their men but not Size Zero’ says a founder of London Fashion Week,” begins the release (issued by Hillgrove PR), before going on to quote Achilleas Constantinou, “Founder of London Fashion Week and Ariella Couture”, who has some, er, interesting views on women. “Being a healthy, acceptable weight for one’s partner is a consideration that all women, particularly followers of fashion should consider,” says Constantinou, who’d like to see “size 0” models banned from the runway. “An ideal weight is the goal. An ideal weight for health…

      Pixie Lott with unshaven armits at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises

      Pixie Lott’s unshaven armpits: a crime of fashion?

      Oh dear. While we’ve been wondering which of The Dark Knight Rises’ two female stars would win a Star Style War, the writers at our old nemesis, The Daily Mail, have been having conniptions over the sight of Pixie Lott’s unshaven armpits at the movie’s London premiere. Describing the move as a “grooming faux pas”, the paper provides a zoomed-in version of the image above, which shows Pixie’s regrowth in all its glory…or otherwise, depending on your point of view. So, what IS your point of view on hairy armpits? On one hand, you could argue that if you’re going to get all dressed up and attend a movie premiere, you might want to also attend to the underarm hair:…

      Rihanna for River Island

      Rihanna for River Island: collection launches Spring 2012

      Love Rihanna? Love River Island? Love the thought of the two of them combined, in clothing form? Well, you’re in luck. Rihanna is the latest celebrity to jump on the, “Hey, I can sing, so I can also design clothes!” bandwagon, and will release her first collection for British chain River Island in Spring of 2013. Not much is known about the collection as yet, so we’ve out together a little gallery of some of our favourite fashion moments from Rihanna, so we can all try to imagine what her first fashion collection might look like. Are you looking forward to stealing Rihanna’s style by buying her clothes? [Images:]

      Richard Nicholl for Topshop bridal collection

      Richard Nicholl creates wedding collection for Topshop

      Say you’re a bride-to-be who’s also a fashionista. Where are you going to get your wedding dress? You can’t get a regular dress, obviously: you need to be edgy and fashion-forward at all times, and if you’re getting married in the summer of 2012, say, that basically means you’re going to need some kind of a mullet skirt. Ideally one of the ones that take the form of a short skirt, with a sheer maxi skirt over the top – a bit like a veil for your legs, basically. See? Bridal! You’re also probably going to need a pair of ugly, clumpy shoes, ideally by Jeffrey Campbell. Well, we can’t help you with the shoes (or not right at this…

      comic book fashion phillip lim

      Comic Book Fashion from 3.1 Phillip Lim

       [ 3.1 Phillip Lim pullover sweater / 3.1 Phillip Lim merino sweater / 3.1 Phillip Lim leather shoulder bag / 3.1 Phillip Lim patchwork handbag / 3.1 Phillip Lim The Break-Up PVC and leather pouch] Like comic books? Like comic book style artwork? We do. And so does Phillip Lim, apparently, because the designer’s latest collection is full of pieces inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and the pop art era. We kind of love it, but then again, we’ve always been suckers for comic book superheros and the like… What do you think of this collection?  

      Topshop Factory Girl Collection

      Topshop Launches ‘Factory Girl’ collection

      It’s grim up north: or at least, it is for these models, apparently – look at those scowls! (Modelling is hard, of course, as we should never forget…) These images are from Topshop’s ‘Factory Girl’ collection, for Fall 2012, which drawns inspiration from the north of England in the sixties: think beehive hair, lots of eyeliner and a Bardot-esque pout. To compliment that look, Topshop’s collection consists of a lot of tweed, some very ladylike pieces, such as the pencil skirts and kitten heels, and, well, hotpants. Quite a few pairs, actually. You can shop some of the items from the collection here (more will be filtering out over the coming weeks), and see some more images from the lookbook…

      AnnaSophia Robb as the young Carrie Bradshaw in the Carrie Diaries

      AnnaSophia Robb is the young Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries

      After what feels like (and probably is, actually) years worth of speculation on whether there would be a Sex and the City prequel, and who would fill Carrie Bradshaw’s famous Manolos is so, we have our answers: The Carrie Diaries is currently filming in New York City, and here are the first photos of AnnaSophia Robb in the role made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker. AnnaSophia certainly has SJPs curls down, and we’ll be interested to see how this pans out, but what are your first impressions? A good choice to play one of fashion’s most famous fictional characters? [Images:]

      MARY KATRANTZOU for Topshop

      Mary Katrantzou for Topshop arrives, sells out almost instantly

      Well, that was quick work, Topshop shoppers. Mary Katrantzou’s capsule collection for the high street brand launched this morning, and at the time of writing, all that’s left is the hideous trousers pictured above, a scarf and a pair of leggings. And there’s not much of these left online either, so if you really want some of this stuff, you’re literally going to have to beg, borrow or steal it, and we don’t recommend the latter. Or, of course, you could dedicate the next few days to visiting Topshop branches, in the hope of finding something, or simply trawl eBay and pay more than the already-high prices you’d have paid in store. Shopping: it’s basically turned into a competitive sport…

      Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2012 - The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection

      Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2012 – The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection

      New York Fashion Week kicked off today, which means that, for the next week, it will be impossible to use the Internet without seeing the same photos, stolen from, recycled on every single fashion blog and website. So that’ll be awesome. Here at The Fashion Police, we like to remain a (mostly) Fashion Week free zone, because there are only so many runway photos we can look at before our minds glaze over and we start thinking about donuts again. Mmmm, donuts. We will, however, be covering some of the runway action, and we’re kicking off with The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection. This is always one of our favourite shows, because as well as showcasing the work of lots…

      Karl Lagerfeld thinks Adele is too fat

      Karl Lagerfeld thinks Adele is too fat, world outraged

      Karl Lagerfeld cemented his “Prince of Darkness” image today by revealing to Metro Paris that he thinks Adele is “a little too fat”. Kaiser Karl said: “The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” Naturally, most of the Internet is up in arms, because while it’s perfectly acceptable to say someone is “too thin” these days, calling someone “fat” just isn’t on, is it? What do you think? Is Karl a big ol’ meanie, or is he just stating the obvious, as some commentators have argued?  [Images:]

      Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a-Porter

      Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a-Porter: What do you think?

      Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for Net-a-Porter went on sale today, and as you can see, the models shown above managed to throw some particularly LOL-worthy shapes in honour of the occasion, bless their hearts. What about the clothes, though? Well, the collection is described as having “a fashion-forward edge”, and that right there is more than enough to have set the fashionistas of the world almost wild with excitement, and to almost prompt The Fashion Police to declare a state of emergency. (We haven’t yet, though: we’ll let you decide whether or not it’s warranted.) The KARL line (it’s an ALL CAPS brand, by the way, our keyboard didn’t get stuck there) contains everything from shoes to dresses to little KARL-esque…

      Royal Ascot dress code

      Royal Ascot bans fascinators and short skirts

      In a bid to prevent racegoers dressing like they’re going to a nightclub – or to the circus, depending on your point of view – Royal Ascot organisers have decided to tighten up on the ol’ dresscode. As of this year, female racegoers will have to wear: 1. Hats, as opposed to fascinators. (in the less formal grandstand, hats OR fascinators will be obligatory: they were previously optional-but-recommended.) 2. “Modest” skirts or dresses – i.e. hemlines must be just above the knee or longer. 3. Tops with straps: no strapless tops or dresses allowed. Or else. Men, meanwhile, will be expected to wear waistcoats and ties inside the enclosure (no cravats, you peasants!), and suits and ties in the grandstand….