Fashion Criminal: Victoria Beckham and her flower shaped nipple shields


Mischa Barton take note: there are ways to make sure you’re never caught in public with your nipples showing. It’s just that, you know, this isn’t one of the ways…

This is Victoria Beckham thinking that she’s solved that "constantly showing her nipples under a black top" problem that she has going on, but actually making a bit of… well, a bit of a tit of herself, really. Just in case you can’t see it, Posh is wearing a couple of flower-shaped nipple shields under her top – you know, like the ones Janet Jackson wore that time she "accidentally" fell out of her top at the Super Bowl. Well, Vic, we have to say – it didn’t look good on Janet, and it doesn’t look good on you, either. Nipple shields are for pole dancers and ladies of the night. BUY A BRA, Victoria. Just buy one already. See, this kind of behaviour just draws attention to what you’re trying to hide, and just in case we’re not making ourselves clear enough here: NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR NIPPLES. No one. BRA. Buy one.

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