Fashion Criminal: Mischa Barton


Is it a bird? Is it a …. well, in an outfit like that, it could really only be a bird, couldn’t it? Actually, though, it’s Mischa Barton, in another one of her, “God, I’m so wacky, and isn’t it funny the way people keep calling me a “fashionista” when really, I just don’t have a clue!” outfits. You’re a brave girl, Mischa, I have to hand it to you…

Mischa Barton in high waisted jeans

Mischa Barton in high waisted jeans

I’m not going to file this under crimes of fashion because, let’s face it, if everyone else is doing the high-waisted jeans look, then why shouldn’t Mischa? Especially given that she can get away with it more than most people can, for sure. Seriously, though, I wish this trend would just curl up and die now: let’s face it, jeans this high are just going to make most of us look pregnant, and that’s SO not a good look when you’re not. Love the John Lennon shirt, though, Mischa. Oh, and cute dog….

Mischa Barton in Plastic Pants

Mischa barton in shiny pants

I don’t know what Mischa Barton is smiling about in this picture. I mean, would YOU be smiling if you were out in public wearing shiny, plastic pants – shiny, plastic pants WITH A HIGH WAIST, in fact? Nope, didn’t think so…

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  • May 21, 2007


    What bothers me more than the “wacky” dress (which she could totally pull off otherwise) is the thick-black-tights-cream-dress combo. Not hot!

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