Ten fashion trends we hate right now…

shocked retro woman discussing fashion trends we hate

… and by “we”, we mean “you”. Last week we asked our Twitter friends which fashion trends they wish would roll over and die already. Here’s what they said:

1. Adult Onesies

Can we just pause for a minute to say how happy we are to know that it’s NOT JUST US who hates the adult onesies thing? We know they’re “so comfy!” (When you’re using the same argument people commonly use to defend Crocs, though, it’s probably not going to convince us…), and yes, they DO allow you to dress up like a fluffy-wuffy bunny wabbit, but we’re still pretty perplexed by their ongoing popularity.  People, you CAN be comfortable without dressing like a giant toddler. No, really, you can, we promise.

On the other hand, people tend to wear these in the privacy of their own home (Although not always, sadly: it’s not uncommon here at Fashion Police HQ to see a teenager wandering down the street wearing either a “PJs and Uggs” combo, or some kind of onesie…), so who are we to tell them not to? if you love adult onesies, you’ll find our ultimate roundup here.

While we’re on the subject:

2. PJs in public

It takes less than 2 minutes to quickly pull on some REAL clothes, so unless you have an ACTUAL emergency on your hands, we’re begging you: please don’t go out in public wearing the clothes you slept in last night.

3. Leggings

Some of our Twitter friends hated leggings worn as pants. Some hated leggings with bold patterns on them (is there another kind right now? Because sometimes we wonder…). Mostly we get the impression you all just hate leggings, period. We hear you. We actually like leggings when they’re one solid colour and not being worn as pants (as long as there’s some form of crotch-covering we’re good with them…), but they’re one of those items that are just SO EASY to get wrong. And people so often do, don’t they?

we hate patterned leggings

4. Wedge sneakers

This one came up more than once. Wedge sneakers, you are hearby banished: go back to the 90s, where you came from, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

5. “Pattern mixing”

There’s a reason why people who aren’t fashion bloggers or self-professed fashionistas don’t mix patterns, you know. It’s because it normally looks like ass. Sure, there are people out there who can do it, and do it well, and if you’re one of them, more power to you. We most often see this described as “challenging” (sometimes it’s even done as part of a challenge) and honestly, getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t really BE a challenge… should it?

6. Peplum

Now, as we mentioned recently, we’re fans of the peplum, which is a true friend to those of us who carry our weight on our stomachs and don’t necessarily want the world to know it. But this list is about what YOU hate, not (necessarily) what WE hate, and some of you hate peplums, so peplums are on the list.

pattern mixing

7. Python print

It became the “trendy” animal skin of the season. We hated it. So did some of our Twitter friends. Did you?

8. Neon

We firmly believe that neon looks good on no one. You will probably never change our minds on this.

9. Bubble necklaces

Another Twitter suggestion. We don’t dislike bubble necklaces in themselves, but when you’ve been seeing them on every single outfit blog for months on end, well, it does get old…

10.  High-low hems

If you can use the word “mullet” to describe it, it’s probably a crime of fashion. Truth.

Which fashion trends do you hate right now?

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