Fashion Trends: the very literal interpretation of the shirtdress

(L-R: Elizabeth and James, LNA, Thakoon, Theory)

These models all look angry. Seriously, look at them: they’re like some pissed-off model gang members, getting ready to challenge us to a fight. What rattled their cage, do you think? Oh yeah: probably whoever it was that ran up to them and stole all their pants. First we had the Foot Snatcher and now there’s a Pant Stealer on the loose. The work of your fashion crime-fighting force is never done, readers.

In this case, however, we can rest easy. Well, sort of. These ladies haven’t, in fact, been robbed of their pants: they’re wearing – sorry, we beg your pardon, “working” – one of this season’s big trends: the shirt dress. Now, as you all know, the term “shirt dress” is generally used to refer to any kind of dress with a collar and a row of buttons down the front. In this case, however, it refers specifically to that breed of dress that looks exactly like a shirt. You know, for that, “Oh, hai, I totally just threw on my boyfriend’s old shirt this morning, because I’m so gorgeous I don’t need to make an effort” kind of look.

What do you think of this look, ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police jury? Are you down with the shirtdress, or are you down ON the shirtdress? (If it’s the former, all of the ones pictured above are currently available to buy, and there’s plenty more where those came from. Or you could ACTUALLY just wear your boyfriend’s old shirt, and save yourself some cash, up to you.)

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