Fashion Trends: The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades

Bright neon fluorescent fashion trends

Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our minds and created the type of outfit you really would need shades to wear: these pieces all represent one of this Spring’s trends: brights. Yes, we know: we thought we’d left  these kind of shades back in the 80s, too, but they’ve caught up with us. Damn.

Bright colours like these aren’t easy to wear if you take the top-to-toe approach, but they can work if you go for simple pieces or accessories that create a splash of colour without making yourself look like someone coloured in your clothes with highlighter pens. Just make sure you don’t wear all of these at the same time…

Clockwise, from left:
LaRok Little Miss Robinson dress;
Miss Selfridge top;
Marni bag;
Miu Miu handbag;
Karen Walker sunglasses ;
Christian Louboutin block colour platforms

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