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Trend Alert: All the colours of the rainbow

Rainbow fashion

(Look, we included an animal ear hat just for you! You’re welcome!)

We should probably have included some kind of migraine-warning with this post, shouldn’t we?

Our apologies if you’re currently seeing stars, as opposed to rainbows, but you may as well get used to it: our officers are reporting a big increase in the number of rainbow-coloured fashion items they’ve been spotting on their patrols, and while it’s possibly too soon to call it a “trend”, it’s getting there.

So far, Henry Holland and Christopher Kane seem to be the leaders of this movement, but it probably won’t be long before the high street catches on, and suddenly the world starts to look like bad, Saturday morning children’s TV. All of those primary colours can be dangerous, you know…

So, how do you wear these clothes without looking clownish? Well, we honestly wouldn’t bother, to be perfectly honest with you, but if you must, we’d say moderation is the key. Narrow stripes of colour are easier to wear and less childish than wide ones, and rainbow-coloured accessories as the cheat’s way including lots of colours without looking like they fell into a paintbox.

What do you think of rainbow-coloured clothing, Fashion Police jurors? Is it guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion?

Product details:

House Of Holland structured dress
295 –

Christopher Kane multi colored dress
1,195 –

Christopher Kane long sleeve top
745 –

Lola Ramona t strap sandals
$175 –

Rainbow jewelry
$9.99 –

Rainbow hat
$35 –
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