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Fashion Trends on Trial: Colourblocking

By now we’re sure you all know the colourblocking has been deemed to be THE THING for this summer. And, of course, colourblocking is far from a new thing. In the past, you might have known it as “colour clashing” or simply “throwing on lots of brightly coloured items and calling yourself a fashionista”, but this season those who care deeply about being “bang on trend” are revelling in the opportunity to flash their fashion credentials by wearing lots of different colours, all at the same time.

So, what is colour-blocking? It’s exactly what it sounds like: blocks of colour, all worn together. There are no real “rules” to this. The colours don’t have to “go” with each other: in fact, if they clash, then so much the better for the “edgy” dresser. They can all exist in one item, as in the products pictured above, or you can simply create a colourblock effect by, say, wearing a bright red top with bright blue pants and green shoes – it’s completely up to you.

So, what do we think of all of this, ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police jury? Do you give a YAY or a NAY to the colourblocking trend, or does it depend on the item, the colours or the occasion?

(Images: ASOS, Kurt Geiger, Zara)

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