Fashion Trends on Trial: Bold Stripes for Spring/Summer 2013

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Bold stripes are being touted as one of the hottest fashion trends of summer. Here are some of our favourite pieces from the UK high street…

Stripes. It’s probably wrong to class them amongst this year’s fashion trends, because unlike REAL “fashion trends”, they’re one of those prints that never goes away, and which will probably be just as popular next year as they are now.

With that said, not all stripes are created equally, and while last summer saw the predictable return of the ubiquitous Breton, this spring’s stripes are bigger, bolder, and honestly more like the kind of thing you’d see on a convict than a fashionista.

That doesn’t mean we’ll be relegating these pieces to the bowels of the Fashion Police jail or using it as a uniform for our inmates: it’s much too nice for that. Why should our prisoners get more fun than we do, after all? No, we’ll be wearing it with pride, even although it’s not always the easiest print to make work (we’ll have more to say about that in another article…), and while we’d never advocate blindly following fashion trends (perish the thought!), if you do like this look, we’ve pulled together some examples from the high street for you to take a look at.

Here are just a few of our favourite pieces incorporating bold stripes…

Boston Peplum Top Black/CamelFever London Boston Peplum Top, £24.75

This top is actually from last season (thus proving the point that stripes are one of those fashion “trends” that never really go out of style), so if you like it, the good news is that it’s on sale, and the bad news is that it’s selling fast, so not all sizes are available: sorry about that. This also uses the peplum trend which was so big last year, and will continue to be in fashion for spring 2013. We’re not sure if you’ll consider that good news or bad news, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

asos midi skirt in bold stripeASOS midi skirt in bold stripe, £40

We don’t necessarily agree with the notion that vertical stripes are more slimming (or at least, less fattening) than horizontal ones are generally deemed to be, but it it’s something that worries you, this ASOS midi skirt uses a vertical stripe with a full skirt which will nip in the waist. We’re really pleased to see the midi skirt continuing to appear on retail sites in 2013: we’re big fans, but if you like your hems a little shorter, how about…

oasis stripe t-shirt dressOasis stripe ponte t-shirt dress, £40

This dress is cut to hit just above the knee, so it’s not super-short (Don’t worry, young un’s – with 60s style making a big comeback this year, there’ll be plenty of minis to keep you happy!). With a print this bold, however, you may be glad of the slightly more modest length and simple, t-shirt shape, both of which let those bold stripes do the talking.

stripe shoesDune ‘Benefit’ stripe patent court shoes, £80

Accessories like shoes are a really easy way to work fashion trends  into your day-to-day wardrobe. These stripe court shoes come in black/camel and black/pink, and are the kind of classic shape that allows you to get away with a bolder print.

What do you think of bold stripes: is this one of your favourite fashion trends, or simply one to avoid?

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