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Trends on Trial: Floral Pants

floral pants

Floral pants: beloved by fashion bloggers, and… it’s really just the fashion bloggers, isn’t it? Oh, and elderly people, of course. Because, let’s face it, it’s really easy to venture into “little old lady” territory when you’re wearing a nice pair of floral slacks, isn’t it?

Still, floral pants are currently being touted as a “hot trend”, and thankfully not ALL of them are “slacks”. We doubt we’ll be seeing many little old ladies squeezed into a pair of super-skinny floral jeans, for instance, although honestly, nothing would surprise the jaded eyes of The Fashion Police.

Will we be seeing YOU in them, though? The pants in question range from the aforementioned skinny jeans to a slightly looser silhouette in the form of capri pants, crops and – shudder – we’ve even seen some floral harems. And we hope to never, ever see them again. The prints, meanwhile, are just as varied, and you can pick up floral pants in everything from the lurid colours we’re more used to associating with bermuda shorts (and, again, old people), to soft pastels.
Will you be wearing floral pants this season? Tell us in the comments!

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