New York Fashion Week: VPL come up with ingenius way of dealing with… VPL


Visible Panty Line. It’s a problem for us all – or all of us except these models at the VPL show this week, obviously, who managed to get around the problem of underwear-visible-through-clothes by the novel method of just not wearing any clothes. Just the underwear. OK, we can still see their panty lines, but we’re thinking that’ would be the very least of their problems were they to actually go out in public, don’t you?

We hope and pray that these pants are, in fact, meant to be worn under clothes, and are just shown like this for the purposes of illustration, although we’re starting to get really worried by the proliferation of tights/socks being worn with nothing over the top of them at Fashion Week this year. Is this a sign of things to come?

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