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Fashion Police Roundup: Celebrities in Bright Colours

As you’ll no doubt know from the fashion media, bright colours are “hot” this summer. (Aren’t bright colours pretty much ALWAYS hot in summer, though? We seem to be constantly reading editorials in fashion magazines which proclaim that “It’s summer” Time to break out the brights!” or some such thing.) To prove it, here’s Mischa Barton in bright yellow shoes and pleated skirt. (Note: pleated skirts = also “hot”.) While the yellow certainly catches the eye and drags it down to the lower half of the body, however, it’s the bug shirt that made us look twice:

Animals have been popping up on clothes for a while now. It’s mostly Miu Miu’s fault. They started it with the swallows, then before we knew what had happened, other brands were getting in on the act, with the dogs and the horses and the every-other-kind-of-animal-you-can-think-of. And now it’s insects, courtesy of Matthew Williamson.

Some of you are going to think it’s adorably quirky to wear bugs on your shirt. Some of you just won’t. We don’t really know WHAT to make of this, so let’s move on to Katie Holmes:

This was taken at the annual Drama Desk Awards, and Katie is wearing a purple dress from her own label, Holmes & Yang. Because, yes, Katie Holmes is a fashion designer now. Isn’t everybody, though?

Now, if you’d just read us that line – “Katie Holmes is a fashion designer” – without showing us the photo, we’d have been totally prepared to hate the dress. But actually? We love it. Gorgeous colour, cute design… we wouldn’t have expected it from Katie Holmes, would you?

Here’s something we WOULD have expected, on the other hand: Dita Von Teese looking immaculate, as always:

As always, she’s wearing Christian Louboutin heels. These ones are bright red, with a zebra print ruffle (which matches her clutch bag: Dita is apparently of the “bags and shoes should match” persuasion). But wait: what’s this?

Oh no, Dita, not you too! Another celebrity falls to the curse of the Too Big Shoes! Of course, maybe Dita is perfectly comfortable in these? Maybe she just likes to have a big gap between her heels and the back of the shoe? Anything’s possible, we guess.

Finally, and completely unrelated to the rest of this post, here is a photo of Brad Pitt from last week:

We’re just going to … leave this here, and you can make what you will of it.

What do you think of these celebrity outfits?

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