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Fashion Police Poll: Lingerie – pretty or practical?


We love lingerie. In fact, it's one of our weaknesses in life, and the prettier and more extravagant it looks, the better.

Here's the thing, though: despite buying more than our fair share of luxurious lingerie, we hardly ever wear it. It just never seems to work out right: that frilly, frothy bra may have looked gorgeous in the store, and it'll probably look great on, too, but it'll also leave all kinds of lumps and bumps under our top, which will totally ruin the look. And those pretty little knickers may be the last word in luxury, but unless they're as comfortable as they are good-looking, we'll be reaching for something plainer but comfier and less likely to be clearly visible under our clothes.

And so it is that all of our lovely lingerie lies unused, while we stick to those plain old basics that are invisible under clothes and so comfortable we don't even know we're wearing them. We know there is a middle ground, occupied by gorgeous pieces that are also comfortable, and which can't be seen under our clothes, but we rarely seem to find it them these days (and when we do, we stock up!).

What about you? Do you share our love of beautiful lingerie, or do you stick to the plain-but-serviceable pieces?

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