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Fashion Police Poll: Do you shop the January sales?


Well, readers, it’s January, which, for fashion-lovers everywhere means just one thing: sales!

The Fashion Police have something of a love/hate relationship with sale-shopping. On the one hand, everyone loves a bargain, and if that bargain happens to be a beautiful example of Shoe Porn, a fabulous dress or covetable coat, then so much the better.

So there’s lots to love about the sales, make no mistake. On the other hand, though: crowded, overheated shops, clothes racks that resemble a jumble sale, having to hunt through piles and piles of clothes only to find that they don’t have your size anyway and, worst of all, the frequent realisation that nothing you actually want has gone on sale, and instead the stores have simply rolled out all of their unsold summer stock (which was unsold for good reasons)… well, we can quite happily live without all of that, thanks very much. Also: we’re sure we’re not the only ones who go sale shopping and come home with armfuls of full-price items, are we? Oh.

Tell us, then: are you a professional bargain hunter, who loves nothing more than a good sale scrimmage or do you, like us, tend to lurk at home until it’s all over, and then resume your normal shopping habits?


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