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Fashion Police Glossary: The Shrop – a sheer top

A "Shrop" by Alexander Wang

 Is this a sweatshirt or is it lingerie?  Can we call it a shrop (sheer-top)?

The existence of the “shrop” begs many questions. If it’s a sweatshirt, why is it see-through?  If it’s lingerie, why does it have thick sweatshirt sleeves?  In case your arms get cold?  The sheer section is silk, and therefore the entire garment is dry clean only.  Not exactly conducive to gym wear, dry clean only items, are they?  Another thing not conducive to gym wear (or lingerie for that matter) is the price tag.  Be grateful it is in the sale and is reduced to $298.  It formerly cost $425.

What do you think though readers?  Is this just the job for your next workout?  Or can you see yourself lounging around the bedroom in it?  If so, you can buy it here.

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