Fashion Police Glossary: The Foot Snatcher

The Foot Snatcher is a dangerous fashion criminal who gets his (or possibly her) kicks from depriving other people of theirs: in other words, the Foot Snatcher steals feet, so run, don’t walk – if you still can, that is!

Poor Kelly Clarkson, above, was a victim of the Foot Snatcher back in May 2009. As you can see, the Snatcher showed no mercy here and left Kelly’s pants trailing inches beyond where her feet would be, if she actually had any. It’s amazing she didn’t trip over those things!

The Foot Snatcher prefers to target celebrities, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can consider ourselves safe:

These Shopbop models had their feet snatched while modelling wide-leg pants. Bet they didn’t expect THAT when they signed up for the job.

Not even the skyscraper heels Victoria Beckham favours could save her from the Foot Snatcher.

Victoria’s friend, Katie Holmes, meanwhile, managed to get off relatively lightly: one foot was saved, while the other, sadly, appears to be gone for good.

As you can perhaps deduce from the evidence above, the Foot Snatcher tends to target victims who wear wide legged jeans or trousers. The advent of the skinny jean has thwarted our anonymous villain somewhat, and wearing these styles is certainly one way to make sure your feet remain attached to your body, but it’s important to always be on your guard, as the Foot Snatcher could strike at any time. In fact, the next victim? It could be you….

Will it, though? Do you like to wear pants so long that you have no visible means of support, or do you feel that if they’re trailing in the mud, a bit of alteration wouldn’t go amiss? What’s the right length for you?

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