Fashion Police Glossary

Fashion Police Glossary: Skapris – the alliance of skirts and capris

Skirt + Capri = Skapri

Now, we’re not saying these are a crime of fashion, exactly. They’re sportswear, after all, and we can kinda see how you’d prefer to have your ladybits covered while wearing tight capri pants, even if it does mean involving yourself in the shady world of stuck together clothes.

No comment on the item of clothing itself, then, but, in the interests of keeping our Glossary up-to-date, we thought it was worth noting that a new word has entered the fashion lexicon, and that word is “Skapri”. As you can see above, a “skapri” is what you get when you stick a skirt to a pair of capri pants: cunning, no?

Well, we guess it’s only appropriate that stuck-together-clothes have a name made up of stuck-together-words, isn’t it?

If you want to buy the item in question, it’s by Nike and it’s available from their website, here.

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