Fashion Police Glossary

Fashion Police Glossary: Fashion Victim

FASHION VICTIM: A fashion victim is someone who rigidly follows fashion, even it means dressing in clothes that don’t suit her, or just look plain ridiculous. Fashion Victims often look like they’ve been “victimised” by various fashion trends or brands, as in the image above, in which poor Daniella Westbrook took a sound beating from the Burberry stick.

Fashion Victims are the people the glossy magazines aim all of those “How are YOU going to wear this season’s sheer harem jumpsuit?” articles at. The rest of us would simply shrug and say, “Er, we’re NOT going to wear them. Because they’re sheer, harem jumpsuits, you know?” The Fashion Victim, on the other hand, takes the advice to heart. She wears the jumpsuit because she has to be seen to be “bang on trend” – a phrase developed by, and for, fashion victims.

At the centre of the Fashion Victim’s belief system is the idea that anything made by a designer label is automatically good. The Fashion Victim believes this to be true because she actually has no real style of her own: she simply follows the herd and wears what she’s supposed to, and, in the absence of any kind of critical faculty, is forced to depend on designer labels as a sign of good taste. The Fashion Victim uses highly visible logos to demonstrate how “fashionable” she is. This is because she tends to confuse “money” with “style”.

It’s also why the Fashion Victim loves Louis Vuitton:

And is happy to provide free advertising to designer brands:

(Shouldn’t THEY be paying YOU to walk around with an advert on your chest? No?)

Things Fashion Victims Say:

“But it’s DESIGNER!”
“This look was on ALL of the runways this season, so it MUST be good!”
“You just don’t understaaaaaand!”
“That’s SO last season!”

Of course, it’s possible to follow fashion – or even to love logos – without being a victim of it. That’s when true style comes into play…

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