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Fashion Police Glossary: Daylight Robbery

Cropped-jersey-trousers Continuing in our occasional series in which we provide definitions of some of the terms used here at The Fashion Police, we bring you the very embodiment of the term “Daylight Robbery“, in the shape of the cropped jersey trousers you see to the left.

Daylight Robbery offences are distinct from crimes of fashion in that the items concerned are not always ugly (although some are, of course). Take these trousers. No, they’re not the most exciting items in the world – they’re a little saggy and sad looking, but they’re the kind of thing you might wear around the house if you just wanted to be comfortable and relax.

But they’re £255 / $370. Not a huge amount of money in the great scheme of things, but expensive for a pair of cropped jersey pants.

Why is this, do you think? Is it because they’re of superior quality? Well, they’re a nylon/rayon mix, which doesn’t sound particularly luxurious to us. Are they a totally unique design? Again, we’ve seen lots of pairs of pants like this, so no, not really. Was their designer up all night, in a fever of creativity, in order to come up with a piece of wearable art? We doubt it.

Is it just because they’re designed by Rick Owens, then? We think we could be onto something, here. In fact, we strongly suspect the only reason people would consider these to be worth that amount of money, is because of the label inside them. That, readers, is what makes them an act of Daylight Robbery.

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, then, is defined as the act of charging the earth for something that’s just not worth it, whatever it is. You’ll find more examples in our Daylight Robbery archive

What do you think, though? Would you pay £255 for something like this? Are we missing something?

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