Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Valentino Vs Paris Hilton in the case of the red bow peep toe shoes


Oh, Paris Hilton, shame on you! Don't you have enough money as it is without having to copy other people's designs?

These 'Senorita' pumps from Paris Hilton's shoe line aren't a direct copy of Valentino's high heeled sandals in that one's a slingback and one's a d'orsay pump, but when Shoeperwoman directed our attention to them on Friday, we couldn't help but think that a bit of "inspiration" had been taken from the designer shoe somewhere along the line.

Then again, the idea of a bow-fronted peep toe is hardly a new one, and neither is the concept of high street knockoffs, so maybe we should go easy on Paris (or the people who design for her), who's only done the same thing as many others before her? What do you think?

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