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Fashion Police for the Boys: Marc Jacobs pants-skirt

By day, they were a an ordinary pair of pants:


But by night the Secret Skirt came out and they became….THE PANTS SKIRT:


From what we can gather, the skirt can be removed at will, allowing these pants to live a double life, but we just can't for the life of us figure out why anyone, male or female, would want to wear a skirt over pants. And far be it for us to suggest that men shouldn't wear skirts: it's always been the opinion of The Fashion Police that if women are allowed to wear pants, men should be allowed to wear skirts – fair's fair, after all – but if we wouldn't like this look on a woman (and we wouldn't) we're not going to pretend to like it on a man either. Nuh-uh.

What do you think, folks? Are you fans of the Pant Skirt? Enough to pay $798 for one? If so, walk right this way

[Thanks to Matthew for the report!]
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