Fashion Police for the Boys: Levi’s Ex-Girlfriend (Super-Skinny) Jeans

For a long time now, we women have had the “boyfriend” jean. It seems only fair that there should be some kind of male equivalent to the “hey, look, I’m wearing my partner’s clothes!” look, and luckily Levi’s have made sure there is, with their “Ex-Girlfriend” jeans for men.

These are basically super-skinny jeans, almost like leggings in the narrowness of the leg and tightness of the crotch. The female version has been around for a while now (much to our readers’ dismay: super-skinnies didn’t find much favour here when we last featured them), but now we want to know what you think of the guy’s version?

Would you wear Ex-Girlfriend jeans, men? Would you like to SEE your guy in these, girls? Tell us!

(Oh, and click here if you want to buy them.)

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