The Fashion Police Five Under Fifty

Fashion Police Five Under Fifty

The Fashion Police Five is a roundup of five random fashion items we’d buy right this very second, if the Fashion Godmother were to suddenly appear in front of us and say, “Fashion Police, you may pick five items, but they must all be fairly cheap, say £50 or less.” Well, it would be totally unrealistic if she were to let us run riot at Net-a-Porter, wouldn’t it? This isn’t some kind of fairytale universe we’re living in, you know…

Here are five end-of-the-week treats which you could buy right now, and still have enough money left for a large glass of Pinot Grigio. Well, it IS Friday, after all. We won’t tell.

green peplum top

Green peplum top, £30, Closet

H&M jersey top with Peter Pan collar

H&M jersey top with Peter Pan collar, £19.99

 dogtooth pencil skirt

Miss Selfridge dogtooth pencil skirt, £29

red high heels

Zara red suede court shoes, £39.99

gold sequin collar

ASOS gold sequin collar, £15


1. Select five, fashionable items under £50  – or about $80.
2. Create a blog post about them – please remember to link back to from your post.
3. Type your blog name and URL into the box below: your link will magically appear on this post, so other participants can visit your blog and see your selection. (Please note: links to sites which do not contain a link back to will be deleted.)
4. Don’t have a blog? No problem – just leave us a comment instead!

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