Fashion Police detectives called in to identify Martin Margiela clutch bag


  The Fashion Police use many different tests in order to determine whether a suspect is, in fact, guilty of committing crimes of fashion. One of these is a test we call "Guess What It Is". Put simply, if we can't tell what an item actually IS within a few seconds, there's a good chance it's guilty as charged.

Take this MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela clutch bag, for instance. No, that's not a typo: you are looking at a clutch bag. Not, say, a pig. Does this look like a pig's head to you? At first glance, we thought that was exactly what it was supposed to be. And at second glance, we thought it was…


… well, actually, we STILL thought it was supposed to be a pig. Then we looked a third time, and finally the penny dropped: it's a teddy bear, isn't it? A teddy bear with a zip in its head. A zip that almost looks like a.. oh God, it IS! It's a clutch bag! And, of course, there's absolutely no reason at all that a clutch bag can't look like a teddy bear. Or a pig, for that matter. We, of course, wouldn't spend £325 on it, but if you would, you can buy it at

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