Fashion Police at the The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards: The Blues

Heather Morris

[Images: Fame]

Last night, as we’re sure you’re all aware, fashion fans that you are, saw the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards take place in Los Angeles.

Like every award show since time began, the Emmys are a great opportunity for celebrities to show off who has the best stylist and makeup/hair artists, as well as who managed to borrow the best designer gown for the event. And who did? We’ve sorted last nights celebrities into colour-coded groups, for your viewing pleasure, so take a look and tell us who was the best lady in blue at the 2011 Emmys?


  • September 19, 2011


    Heather looks like a hot mess from H to T, as Tyra Banks would say (“Head to Toe”). Bad dress, bad hair, bad makeup.

    Katie’s dress is so shapeless, as is Dianna’s. I’ll never understand why so many actresses work so hard to get thin and then wear shapeless clothing to big events.

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  • September 20, 2011


    Not a great night for blues, eh?

    Heather’s dress is interesting — in an artichoky, pineapply sort of way.

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