I think Anne’s dress looks like a Barbie doll dress …

Comment on Fashion Police at the Met Costume Institute Gala 2010 by Alison.

I think Anne’s dress looks like a Barbie doll dress from the 1980s!

Sienna Miller is too flat-chested to wear a dress like that. You have to have a very specific cup size to wear a dress slit down the front. If you are small in the chest, the dress hangs unflatteringly, and if you are busty, it looks like your boobs are going to fall out of the dress.

Blake Lively always wears the same kind of dress, short and tight. I know she has nice legs but I think her style is getting boring.

Marion Cotillard looked great! I love dresses with sleeves.

Kate Hudson’s shoes don’t go with her dress and they look like the exact same pair she wore to the Golden Globes.

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