Fashion Police at the London premiere of The Back Up Plan: Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Katona and more

Jennifer Lopez premiere of The Back Up Plan

Sometimes it’s hard not to cringe when looking at the red carpet shots from a UK premiere. Not to put too fine a point on it, but for reasons that continue to elude us, a lot of British “celebrities” just don’t seem to have quite grasped that they’re attending a movie premiere here. Instead, they’ve ended up looking like they’re headed to a cheap nightclub in Essex. This is perhaps why Jennifer Lopez looks a little bit… lost here. “Where the hell am I?” she’s thinking. “Why are some of these girls undressed? And what’s this thing balanced on the top of my head?”

Can we talk about J. Lo, briefly? She’s been wowing us on the promotional tour for The Back Up Plan, in a series of chic little dresses, which we’ve absolutely loved. And then THIS. It’s almost as if she thought, “Wait: I’ve been looking too good lately. I better pull something “edgy” out of the bag, or everyone will start complaining about how predictable I’ve become.” Well, J. Lo, we wouldn’t have predicted this, and we don’t quite think it’s your finest hour, but compared┬áto some of the outfits in the gallery below, you actually did pretty well. You’re off the hook. As for the rest, well, let’s see what our readers think, shall we?

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