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Fashion Police at the European premiere of ‘Arthur’ with Katy Perry, Helen Mirren and more

Apparently one of the ways Russell Brand feels he’s influenced Katy Perry’s sense of style has been to encourage her to dress “less like a cartoon character”. For that, we thank Mr. Brand. The Fashion Police support any and all attempts to reduce the number of cartoon characters on our streets. We also quite like this dress, which Katy wore to the European premiere of Arthur. You?

Also on the red carpet for this event was:

Helen Mirren. People always say she looks good “for her age”. We think looking good “for your age” is pretty depressing, and a backhanded compliment if ever we heard one, so we’re just going to say she “looks good”. Even in an animal print gown. Now those are words we never thought we’d type…

Jessica Lowndes. She is the prettiest one in 90210. This outfit doesn’t really do her the justice it could, but we love the colour of the dress.

Roxanne McKee

Caroline Flack. Your eyes just go straight to her feet, don’t they? We’ve tried to look at what she’s wearing about ten times now, but it’s no use – our eyes just go straight to those clodhopper shoes…

Greta Gerwig. This dress probably cost a small fortune, and yet we’ll have forgotten what it looks like by the time we reach the end of this sentence. Yup, thought so.

What do you think? Best dressed? Worst dressed? Tell us!

[All images: PRPhotos.com]
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