Fashion Police at the Elle Style Awards

Not just an awards ceremony, but an awards ceremony for STYLE, these images are from last night’s Elle Style Awards, in London.

Our favorite fashion dementor, Kristen Stewart, picked up the Woman of the Year Award, but barely managed to crack a smile at that piece of news, so we’re thinking no more awards for Kristen, who is also grounded until she can improve her attitude, young lady!

Alexa Chung, meanwhile, managed to break out of the short skirt/ankle boots rut she’s been in for a while, but stopped short of combing her hair, Agyness Deyn took recession fashion a little too far by apparently cutting up an old carpet and sticking it to her dress, and the Olsen Twins wore SHRESSES.

Who wins your award for “Most Stylish”, though? Take a look at the gallery below…

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  • February 23, 2010


    Oh dear lord, haven’t the Olsen twins been locked up yet for their repeated fashion offenses?! If they had been then maybe the sight of them in shresses might have been avoided!

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