I was so excited to see what stunning dresses all …

Comment on Fashion Police at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards by Laura.

I was so excited to see what stunning dresses all the Mad Men ladies would wear on the red carpet (after all, 30% of why I watch that show is the fashion.) I was so disappointed! It’s hard for Christina Hendricks to look bad in anything, but fringey purple feather sleeves? Really? Ms. Moss didn’t look terrible, but I was still underwhelmed. And poor, poor January Jones. It was a little bit Bride of Cookie Monster, and she really needed to fix that hair. But I have to say, the Glee cast looked great on the whole, much better than their lackluster showing last year. Leah Michelle, in particular, looked fantastic.

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Fashion Police at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards: Demi Lovato
I’m not a fan of this dress, especially not on her form. Her body is great and very healthy-looking, but is not flattered at all by this beaded-feathered-sheer paneled-shoulder padded… thing that was probably made for a runway waif. And the hair really pushes it over the top for me. Honestly, who wants to look like a futuristic bee/duck hybrid? (Besides style victims, of course.)

A girl at my school actually wore this to prom last year. I checked the pictures, blinked a few times, and pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, but she did. In a nice suburban town in Connecticut, no less! Granted, it was in black… but that’s not exactly a redeeming quality. So if you’re wondering if poor lost souls actually wear this outside the house, unfortunately, they do. It’s a problem.

Ask The Fashion Police: Can I wear maroon and teal together?
I wouldn’t wear maroon and teal together; personally, I’m going with Amber on this one. Then again, since my high school’s colors were maroon and white, and that translated to being in a 95% maroon-walled building for 4 years (and a terrible shade of it to boot) I harbor some resentment towards maroon in general.

Style on Trial: Christopher Kane ‘Jenny’ leather and lace embroidered dress
There does seem to be something vaguely appealing about this dress. I might try it for a more quirky Christmas/cocktail party if it weren’t for that price. You’d need to rock it OUT, though.
That being said, with $2,225 one could get an awful lot of really, really nice cocktail dresses that don’t have a lingering sense of crazy.

Wear or Die: Hi ho silver!
Is it bad that my friend showed up to homecoming in pretty much that exact dress… but it had sequins? LOTS of sequins? Probably.
That being said, I’d much rather repeat her mistake than wear those harem pants. Blech.

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