Fashion Police

Fashion Police at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards: red carpet

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The Grammy Awards have a bit of a rep as the “wilder” awards in terms of the red carpet, but this year, other than Gaga’s egg entrance and Rihanna’s “Look, you can totally imagine me naked now, can’t you?” dress (both of which were fairly predictable), we were a little disappointed by this year’s turnout. Maybe our favourite fashion criminals are saving it up for the Oscars.

One thing this event did show, however, was that the enemy to the people known as the Mullet Dress is increasing in power, as is that very “Liz Hurley in the 90s” slit-up-one-side-to-show-a-sexy-sexy-leg style of dress. We’ll be keeping our eyes on both of these trends: you, meanwhile, are requested to take a look at our gallery and rate our celebrity dressers – are they fashion criminals, or are they innocent of all charges?

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