Fashion Police at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in a white dress at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

In terms of fashion crimes, the one Taylor Swift seems to most often stand accused of is the charge of “always looking the same”.

Now, we actually don’t have a huge problem with the “always looking the same”. (Unless it involves “always wearing harem pants”, say, and OK, sure, THEN we have ourselves a problem…) In fact, you could argue that personal style is all about creating a particular look and then going with it: like Audrey Hepburn withher cigarette pants and winged eyeliner, or Dita Von Teese in all of those retro dresses. In real life, most people don’t radically change their look from day to day – they tend to find a look they like and then more or less stick to it – or worry about being “unexpected”, so why should celebrities be any different?

Well, possibly because this ISN’T real life. It’s FASHION, dahlinks. And in the current fashion climate, celebrities are expected to be constantly changing and evolving their style, otherwise people start calling us up and demanding we cart them off to jail. Which brings us to Taylor Swift, and her outfit for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards: an off-white Maria Lucia Hohan dress, worn with pink Prada peep toes.

This outfit is actually a little bit different for our Taylor. She normally dresses as an award for these events, in long, sparkly dresses. But then again, she also normally wears white (or sometimes red, granted). With her hair in some kind of classic up-do. This time she’s kept the updo and the pale colours, but the dress is a slightly more modern shape, with a cutaway back and floaty skirt.

What do you think: Guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion?


  • July 23, 2012

    Carolina W

    Eh, Taylor Swift is a plain Jane no matter what she wears; I wouldn’t worry about it. But one thing I am curious about: did she ever get her teeth fixed?

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  • July 23, 2012


    I’m not against this look per se, but I don’t really think it’s appropriate for a teen awards show. (I’m also looking at you, Nina Dobrev, Lea Michele and Unknown-Girl-In-The-Right-Picture-Of-The-Roundup.) It’s okay at grown-up ceremonies like the Oscars or Golden Globes, but with children and teenagers around, there’s no need to shove your assets directly into everybody’s faces. Or go bare-backed and have them all wait for a clothing malfunction.
    You may call me uptight now, but in these cases, the dresses and the occasion don’t go together.

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  • December 8, 2012


    Eh, it’s not exactly bare-backed dress. It has some kind of skin colored materials on the back.

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