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Fashion Police at the 2012 SAG Awards

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne

Twitter was aflame with the news that ROSE BYRNE WORE A JUMPSUIT ON THE RED CARPET OMG! last night, so here is the evidence of that event, and we hope you enjoy it: happy Monday, everyone!

As for the rest of the SAG red carpet, well, let’s put it this way: as we flicked through the mugshots this morning, there were so many black dresses we weren’t sure if we were looking at an awards show or a really posh funeral. Who died, we wondered? Oh, yeah: colour did.

It wasn’t all black, though.¬†Predictably, there were a lot of white dresses too, with just a few splashes of colour, and God, but they’re a boring lot, aren’t they? Step it up, celebs! We want to see you do better than this at the Oscars, you hear us? Let’s see swan dresses! Backwards-fitting suits! Cher! Not this endless parade of dull black and white!

What did everyone else think of the SAG red carpet? Take a look at the gallery below and prepare to tell us who we should be arresting and who gets to go free…

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