Fashion Police at the 2012 Brit Awards

Little Mix

Little Mix

If you live in the UK, or use Twitter at all, you will undoubtedly know that last night saw British D-list “celebrities” (as well as some actual celebrities) turn up to the Brit Awards in London. Above, you can see Little Mix, who won last year’s X-Factor. Below, you will find more people, also wearing clothes. Go forth and judge them, good readers: tell us whether they deserve to arrested for crimes of fashion, or saved, to dress another day!



  • February 22, 2012


    In the thumbnail, I thought those girls were the Spice Girls. Then I realized, “Oh, they ARE!”

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  • March 2, 2012

    Alice Polarbear

    Totally a mixed bag. Rihanna, Nicole, Kylie, Holly, Lana and Pixie looked reasonably good. Anna Calvi, in drag, wasn’t stomach-turning although the outfit wouldn’t have been MY choice. Florence brought to mind Brides of Dracula. Little Mix should be featured in “Starlet or Streetwalker.” Emma…Oh, Emma! Red Lace over black? Shades of a New Orleans bordello! Christina Perri’s choice was cheap looking and Adele looked very matronly. Is she 50 years old ?

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