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Fashion Police at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards has traditionally been one of The Fashion Police’s favourite award shows, primarily because so many starts seem to think, “OMGTEENS! Must! Dress! Kerrraaazzy to impress the teens!”, and many arrests are made. This year, though? We’re underwhelmed. Aside from good efforts by Tyra Banks and Kat Graham to get themselves arrested, plus a few other eyebrow-raising ensembles, we’re mostly just bored by these outfit choices. Come on, celebrities, this isn’t what we’re paying you for! Remember Bjork at the Oscars? Cher… just about anywhere? THAT’S the kind of thing we want to see from you. For now, though, here’s the 2011 Teen Choice Awards red carpet. Who’s your best and worst dressed

[All imgaes: PRPhotos.com]
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