Fashion Police at the 2011 BRIT Awards

The BRIT Awards are the UK’s equivalent of the Grammys, and for some reason, they’re held on the same week as the Grammys this year too, which once more prompts us to think, “WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE FASHION POLICE?” Our officers are stretched to the limit here, for goodness sake!

Actually, this is a smaller collection of suspects than usual, because for some reason our image agency decided to cut a lot of people’s legs off (Note: not literally), and we also figured you wouldn’t know who most of them were. Because we didn’t, and we live here.

Anyway, you know the drill: look at the gallery, identify your hits and misses!


  • February 16, 2011


    Cheryl Cole – simply dazzling!

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  • February 17, 2011


    Hate Paloma’s accessories (great dress though) and Avril Lavigne (deuh), but love Sophie Ellis Bexter’s look.

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