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Fashion Police at The 2011 Billboard Music Awards

It’s the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, everyone! And it’s Rihanna! In a white suit!

Now, we guess you could argue that this white trouser suit is a little more Miami Vice than “red carpet”.  Or “white floor”, as the case may be here. We think Rihanna looks amazing here, though. She looks good, she knows she looks good, and she looks good in an “I’m not even really trying here,” kinda way. Either that or she’s just thinking, “Wow, I’m glad I’m not wearing Nicki Minaj’s outfit…”. Well, we’re ALL glad we’re not wearing Nicki Minaj’s outfit, aren’t we?

“Look at how completely kooky and kerrazzy I am, everyone!”


Nicole Kidman, meanwhile, wore a SHRESS. No, we’re not making this up:

Well, OK, it’s a demi-shress, which can sometimes actually be worse. It just goes to show, folks, there’s a very fine line between “frumpy” and “ugly prom dress“. And Nicole Kidman has crossed it. We’d be tempted to take the scissors to this and cut off the “shress” part, but then we’d be left with an ill-fitting mini dress, which would STILL manage to somehow look frumpy. Amazing!

Selena Gomez, on the other hand, managed to avoid “frumpy”. She did it by wearing a Hip Dress:

We’ll probably never be fans of dresses with random cut-outs, but we do love her Giuseppe Zanotti shoes:

As for the rest: Ke$ha also favoured the Hips Don’t Lie Look, with a pair of net curtains attached to her hips:

It’s the Billboard Music Awards. We kind of expect this kind of thing. And it’s Ke$ha. We definitely expect this kind of thing.

Keri Hilson wore a bright yellow mini dress:

Kylie Minogue wore the cut-off version of Nicole Kidman’s dress, which we were just talking about, but she kept the full thing sheer, rather than just the skirt:

Kylie also went for the “Clodhopper Shoes” look, which continues to be popular, despite The Fashion Police’s best efforts to stop it in its tracks. The Peep-Toe Boot Rule is also in fill effect here. (As regular readers may remember, the Peep Toe Boot Rule states than when peep toe boots are used in an outfit, they will drag the rest of the outfit down with them. We think these are actually shoes rather than boots, but they LOOK like boots from the front, and that’s enough for us.)

Mary J. Blige wore full-length leopard print, which sounds like it shouldn’t work, but kinda does here.

Taylor Swift, meanwhile, looked almost indistinguishable from how she’s look at any other major award ceremonies in the past couple of years:

Don’t get us wrong, Taylor always looks lovely, and a bit like a fairytale princess. If we were here age, we’d probably want to always dress like a fairytale princess too, so we don’t blame her for it. (Either that or we’d want to always dress like Gaga, it’s hard to know which way we’d jump.) We’re just saying that if we found out that Taylor had actually been wearing the same gown to every awards ceremony she’s ever been to, we probably wouldn’t be all that surprised, because even when she looks different, she somehow looks the same. Still, she’s definitely found a look that suits her, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

The award for Worst Dressed of the Evening, however, goes to …


So, what we basically have here is a beige coloured body, with one of those fringed curtains attached to it. You know the type people sometimes hang in doorways to keep the flies out? It’s one of those attached to a bodysuit. Full points for creativity, Nayer (and an easy fashion DIY for anyone who wants to copy her, we guess).

Who was your best and worst dressed of the night?

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