Fashion Police at the 2011 BAFTA Awards: red carpet

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Normally when an awards ceremony is held here in the UK, The Fashion Police have to call in reinforcements: sadly for us, UK events tend to be cluttered with a selection of Z-list “celebrities” (Big Brother drop-outs, X-Factor failures, that kind of thing….) dressed as if they’re off for a night at a bad club in a small town. A bit like this, in fact:

Meredith Ostrom


Now, aside from the fact that we had to Google Meredith Ostrom to find out why on earth she was even at the BAFTA’s (We’re still no further forward on that one), what on earth made her think it was OK to tie a bedsheet around a bikini top for a major red carpet event? WHY?

Happily, however, the rest of the suspects managed to do a little better: we loved Emma Watson’s Valentino Couture gown, for instance, and Helena Bonham Carter looked beautiful (rather than her usual beautiful-but-crazy): overall, a fairly good turnout for the 2011 Orange British Academy Film Awards, to give them their full title.

Don’t take our word for it, though: take a look at the gallery below and don’t forget to tell us what you think!


  • February 14, 2011


    Jessica Alba and Julianne Moore – undeniable WINNERS for me. Jameela Jamil – very cute, love it! Amy Adams, Thandie Newton and Rosamund Pike – very nice. (I’d include Hofit Golan but personally not a fan of the polka dot pattern).

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  • February 15, 2011


    LOVE: Emma Stone, Jameela Jamil, Jessica Alba, Thandie Newton

    MISS: Jennifer Lawrence, Meredith Ostrom (whoever she is), Sarah Harding

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  • February 28, 2011


    Terribly, terribly late but I have some vague info about Meredith Ostrum….(and will also out my inner Duranie in the process!)

    Don’t know if she still is but she is/was Nick Rhodes girlfriend (he plays keyboards in DD) she was also the drummer in Love Actually for the Bill Nighy song bit.

    Ahem….I’m just slinking off now!

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