Fashion Police at the 2009 Grammys: The Bad – Maiysha, Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, Bai Ling


  Stop! Hammer time! Oh, Maiysha, why? Why would you wear this bizarre leggings/harem pants crossover at any time, never mind to the Grammys? Our eyes, they burn, but if you thought that was bad, take a look under the jump..


We reckon it's Paula Abdul's hair that makes this so startlingly bad, but somehow we can't stop looking at it…


We really hope Paris Hilton didn't try to bend over while she was wearing this, but somehow we just know she would have. Length aside, it looks suspiciously like it could've come from the bargain rail at Forver 21, and actually, the more we look at it, the worse it gets -particularly around the "almost naked" boobs area. For shame, Paris!


We've actually seen worse from Bai Ling but even so, the "gaudily wrapped present" look just doesn't appeal here…

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