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Fashion Police Poll: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a single item of clothing?

Piggybank When I was younger (and, some would say, stupider), I thought nothing of spending what now seems like a small fortune on clothes and accessories. Of course, these were the days BM (Before Mortgage): I was still living with my parents, I didn’t have much in the way of bills to pay, I was working two jobs… the result was that I had a whole lot of disposable income, and what better thing to spend it on than clothes?

I spent a lot. In those days I would buy a lot of designer items, particularly handbags and dresses. I thought absolutely nothing of spending an entire month’s salary in one store, and walking out with just a couple of items. Like I say: I spent a lot.

Of course, time moved on. I bought a car. Then I bought a house. And a dog. (The dog wasn’t too expensive himself, by the way, but when he was a puppy he definitely managed to destroy a lot of expensive stuff, which then had to be replaced). Suddenly, I didn’t have quite so much disposable income, and it came as a very nasty shock, I can tell you.

These days, I’m a dedicated bargain hunter, and I very rarely spend a lot of money of individual items, preferring to hunt around for good deals, search eBay or even go thrifting to find the things I like for not very much money. This is mostly through choice rather than necessity, but even if I woke up rich tomorrow, I think I’d still enjoying finding a bargain, even although most of my money would probably go directly to Net-a-Porter

Which brings me to the question asked in this week’s poll: what’s the most you’ve ever spent on a single item of clothing, or on an accessory? Are you a bargain hunter, or do you like to flash the cash?

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