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Fashion Rules on Trial: Mixed metallics


Even although we’re The Fashion Police, we’ve never been too keen on rigid fashion rules: rules, after all, were made to be broken, and sometimes the best, and most original looks happen when people throw out the rule book and dress however they want to. Not all the time, though. Sometimes, throwing out the rule book means that you end up looking like Britney Spears, and God knows, nobody wants to end up like that, do they?

Over the next few weeks, then, we’ll be taking a look at all those fashion rules we all grew up with, and asking you to help us decide which ones are worth keeping and which ones are just a load of old bunkum. Today, we’re kicking off with that age-old dilemma: is it ever OK to mix your metallics? Now I, personally, have always considered this a big no-no, so the idea of wearing a silver dress and gold shoes, as shown above, is anathema to me. Or carrying a gold bag with a silver shoes. Hell, I don’t even like to mix my metallics for my jewellery, although maybe I need to reconside that one, because I’m currently sitting here wearing a ring with a gold setting and a necklace with a silver one. Yes, it is troubling me, thanks for asking.

So, what’s the verdict? Will I burn in Fashion Hell for this minor misdemeanor, and, if so, will you be joining me there? Would you ever wear mixed metallics? And if so, when do you think it’s acceptable?

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