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Fashion Police Poll: Are you wearing your spring/summer wardrobe yet?

Flip_flops British Summertime officially began quite some time ago now, but so far it’s been "summer" in theory only. I’m still sloping around Fashion Police HQ in thick cardigans and remembering to take my woolly hat with me when I walk the dog, but when I cast my eye over our recent Fashion Police Checkpoints, I notice that a fair old number of you are getting away with much more summery fashions.

To be honest: I’m jealous. I’m desperate to get all my little sun dresses and sandals out to play, but I know that if I give up my winter woolies right now, I’ll probably freeze to death by dinner time, so I’m going to have to settle for living vicariously through you, our readers.

Go on then, make me jealous: tell me whether you’re wearing your Spring/Summer clothes yet. And do you start wearing them when the calendar says its summer, or do you wait for the weather?

[Sandals: Kors by Michael Kors, available at Net-a-Porter]

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