Crimes of Fashion

Fashion Police in Florida


It wasn’t all fun and games for The Fashion Police during our recent trip to Florida, you know. We may have been technically off duty, but there’s no rest for an enforcer of fashion, and we still found time to apprehend a few Floridian fashion crimes – including the pair of jeans above, which feature an "interesting" lace overlay. The fact that the jeans themselves are cropped and the lace is ankle-length just adds to the crime. Read on to see some more…


You don’t go to Florida without seeing your fair share of Crocs. These, however, didn’t even have the distinction of being real Crocs – they’re $6.99 imitations, in candy pink, with flower details. Tempted?


If the baby pink doesn’t appeal to you, maybe diarrhea brown will? These are presumably the King of Crocs – notice the "crown" detail around the vamp. Also available in a fugly grey, should you prefer it.

We did have more of these, but for some reason we can’t seem to find them. So we need your help…

Got a phone with a camera? Take it for a walk around your town and see how many fashion crimes you can find. Then report them to The Fashion Police, so we can share them with the world!

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