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Fashion Police Poll: What’s your shopping addiction?

Shopping As mentioned in one of our previous polls, I have a lot of jeans. And the thing is, no matter how many pairs of jeans I own, I just keep on buying more. I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s such a rare thing to find jeans that fit me properly, but when I DO find them, I will want to buy them, even if I already have jeans in that same wash and cut at home.

The same could be said of quite a few other items. Vest tops, for instance. I don’t even dare to count how many of these I own, but I will still buy more if I see them. "Well, they’re cheap, and you always need basic vest tops," is the rationale I apply to this, but there’s a little part of my brain that sometimes has to concede that, actually, when you already have white vest tops by the dozen, maybe that purchase isn’t quite as essential as you thought it was.

What about you? What’s your shopping addiction: the one item you keep on buying, even if you don’t need it?

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