Fashion Police

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing?

Checkpoint Stop! (Collaborate and listen…) This is a Fashion Police checkpoint, so we’re going to need you to step to the side and tell us what you’re wearing before you’re going to be able to pass…

Don’t worry though, this checkpoint is just for fun, so no one will judge you, we promise – yes, even if you say you’re wearing Crocs – and just to prove it, we’re going to go first and answer the question: what are you wearing right now?

Friday’s a really hectic day at Fashion Police HQ, so I’m ashamed to admit that my outfit du jour is probably my most boring one of the week… Just to make matters worse, I slept late and had to get dressed in a hurry (excuses, excuses!), but luckily I haven’t had to leave the HQ all day so I’m currently wearing…


Dark blue straight leg jeans – River Island
Longline white vest top – forget where from
Sky blue fine knit cardigan
Black point toed ballet flats (Yes! Blue and black together – the horror!)


Just my wedding band and engagement ring

Yes, I told you it was boring. But now it’s your turn. Tell us: what are you wearing RIGHT NOW? (And no cheating – the Fashion Police will know!)

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