Though not every man could and should wear one, I’m …

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Though not every man could and should wear one, I’m not generally against skirts/kilts for men. I’ve been to a lot of Gothic/medieval events so far and have seen a lot of men with kilts and long skirts, who looked gorgeous in them. You have to know how to style it, though, and it’s definitely not made for shirts and ties…

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Holy Crap! Ashish, Fall 2011 Runway
I agree, a whole truckload of holey crap!

Oh, boy, this is SOOO new and innovative. Nobody in the last 35 years could ever have imagined wearing an outfit like this – not. πŸ˜› Wait a second! Is that model a MAN??!

I actually own a shirt like this one. As a Halloween costume!

I just LOVE the look on this model’s face! No more words required… πŸ˜€

Miley Cyrus at the 2011 Grammy Awards
The dress is unflattering, it makes her look older and broader than she is, and makes her shoulders look like a bodybuilder’s.

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