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Fashion Police Poll: Celine Dion has 3,000 pairs of shoes – how many pairs do you have?

Jimmy_choo_shoes Last week, Celine Dion revealled that she’s the proud owner of something in the region of 3,000 pairs of shoes. This shock revelation was greeted by horror and derision by some, who seemed to equate ownership of a large number of shoes as one sign of the approaching apocalypse, and with a gentle shrug of the shoulders from others, who figured that hey, it’s her money, and if she wants to spend it on shoes, so be it.

The Fashion Police are firmly in the latter camp (Assuming that the shoes are nice ones, obviously, and not Frankenshoes) but as the issue of shoes, and the number of pairs that women own, seems to have attracted the attention of the media this week, we think it’s time for our readers to ‘fess up, too. So tell us: how many pairs of shoes do you own? (You’ll find the poll after the jump)

[Image: Jimmy Choo at Net-a-Porter]
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