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Fashion Police Poll: Does where you live influence what you wear?

Fashion Fashion Police towers is located in a place I like to think of as The Land That Fashion Forgot. So far behind are we in terms of style, that skinny jeans haven’t even arrived here, never mind starting to die off. As you can imagine, this makes indulging my passion for fashion difficult: well, when you live in the kind of place where "jeans and a nice top" is considered "dressy", even wearing a dress can get you pointed and laughed at in the street – and it doesn’t even have to be a particularly fashionable dress, either.

ecause of this sad state of affairs, I experiment a lot less than I’d really like to. I have two closets stuffed full of clothes I hardly ever wear because they’re just too "weird" for the place I live, but despite this, I am almost always overdressed, and the suject of pitying looks from acquiantances who think I must be very vain and shallow, just because I’m wearing a dress rather than the aforementioned jeans-and-nice-top uniform. (Note: I am vain and shallow, but not because of my dresses…)

I’m dreaming of the time I can move to the city, where I’ll be able to dress the way I want, without fear of being burnt as a witch. In the meantime, I’m interested to know: does where you live affect the way you dress?

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