Fashion Police at the 2008 Oscars: Jennifer Hudson, Marion Cotillard


There’s always a smattering of white dresses on the Oscars red carpet, and this year was no exception… There’s nothing bridal about Jennifer Hudson’s Roberto Cavalli gown – again, a nice shape, but it looks to us like her boobs could have been doing with a little more support. Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard, meanwhile, picked a better dress than she did for the BAFTAs, going for this Jean Paul Gaultier gown accessorized with a long necklace. What do you think?


  • February 25, 2008


    Marion looks likeshe’s wearing a padded cell.
    Or a snake.
    And shes got whipped cream on her boobs.
    But I sort of like it haha.

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  • February 25, 2008


    I definately thought Jennifer Hudson boobs needed some lift. When I first saw her walk out last night I took a triple take. I thought who is this? She looked so carefree:(

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  • February 26, 2008


    Marion looks like she’s some kind of mutant mermaid with scaly boobs….
    I like the idea of a dress that evokes the concept of a mermaid, or a koi…..just not done like that.

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  • August 19, 2008


    Marion looks like she stole her grand mothers knit blanket cut it a little bit and passed it off as a designer dress!!!!! Basically It is the child of ugg and lee!!!!!!!!!!!

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